Home Depot HRs Rock Stars - PRIVATE PARTY - 11am - Weds. Dec. 11th - Private Workshop

Home Depot HR's Rock Stars - PRIVATE PARTY - 11am - Weds. Dec. 11th


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This is a Pick Your Project Class, we offer dozens of projects and hundreds of stencil designs. Preregistration is required in order to attend this class so that we may prepare your project and stencil ahead of time. You will be able to customize your colors the day of the workshop from over 80 paint and stain colors. Our instructors look forward to helping you create a beautiful project you'll be proud of! Prices vary based on project and include all of your materials and class fee. 

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Have you selected a project & design from our project gallery? If yes, scroll below to register.  If no, click here to view projects and designs. Once you've chosen, make a note of your project and design number and return here to book...scroll below.


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Don't forget to use your special code at checkout (in the gift certificate discount code box) as Home Depot will be paying $35 of your project.