Group Bookings

Group Bookings - Become a Table Hostess

If you have a group of 4 or more (depending on the project size), we are now offering the option to book as a group as a table hostess. Going forward, all of our workshops will be open to the public. This is a replacement option in lieu of private parties. No more worries that your friends will forget to book and won't get in to the workshop. More available dates to choose from!  Smaller Class Sizes!

How it works:

  • $100 deposit per table to book as a group (deposit will be refunded once everyone in your group has booked their project)
  • Groups of 4 to 5 per table, based on the project
  • A booking link will be created for your group and sent to the host or hostess
  • Everyone in your group (including host/hostess) will have 10 days (or less depending on the upcoming date) to register for their project.
  • Table Hostess is responsible for filling all seats for the reserved tables. If All seats are not filled, the remaining registration fees for the empty seats will be taken out of the deposit paid.


How to Book:

  • Call our shop to book your group 941.216.3384
  • Our group coordinator will arrange everything for you


Number of Guests required per table for project.

  • Regular Plank Signs : 5 guests per table - 1 size board 14 1/2" x 20" plank sign
  • Long Plank Signs : 4 guests per table - choice of 2 sizes of boards
  • Home Accessories : 5 guests per table - choice of 7 projects
  • Square Framed Flat panel signs : 5 guests per table - choice of 3 sizes
  • Clocks : 4 guests per table
  • Ladders : 2 guests per table
  • Scrabble : 4 guests per table