Event And Boutique Update

The Market Boutique and Events - Formerly The Makers Market and Workshops - Same Great Owners, Just a New Spin!

We are so excited to bring you a bigger boutique, with trendy and affordable clothing, baby gift line, and more fabulous gifts!

Want to get creative? Gather Your Group for your very own private party to make on trend home decor projects! Currently, we are offering private parties and birthday parties in our creative studio. A few times a month we will host special seasonal decor events that are open to the public. Be sure to check out our calendar for available dates.

Our Boutique is Open! Operating hours are Sunday through Wednesday 10am to 3pm  and Thursday through Saturday 10am to 7pm

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on Select Craft kits and Boutique purchases over $50

6650 Cortez Road West Bradenton, Florida 34210 - 941-216-3384

DIY at Home - Craft Kits

Gather Your Friends and Family

Making Memories DIY Style

We're More than a DIY Studio!

At The Makers Market & Workshops, our goal is to provide a beautiful, inviting atmosphere for you to gather with your friends and family while creating an on trend piece of home decor you'll be proud to display.

Quality Counts!

We believe in quality! That's why every project we offer is made with exceptional materials, by a MASTER Carpenter with over 50 years of experience. You'll take that raw, built project and customize it by painting or staining it to match your home decor tastes. We offer over 70 non-toxic paints and stains, so you're sure to find the perfect colors.

Our Guarantee!

Whether you're an artist or can't even draw a stick figure, we guarantee you'll create a charming home decor project at The Makers Market. We make it easy...our secret is stencils! With dozens of projects and hundreds of stencil designs, you're sure to create something beautiful. We make it easy and fun!! You'll even get to use Power Tools!

Our Team is Excited To Create with You!

Our experienced  and friendly staff will ensure you have a fun, memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more. You may run out of wall space, but we'll keep the new projects rolling out...and soon The Makers Market will become your newest addiction!


I had so much fun making my project. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and full of handy tips and advice. The instructions are easy to follow and you do not have to be very artsy or creative to make a finished product you can be proud of. It’s a great activity to do with a group of girlfriends, like I did, but it would also make for a fun and unique date night. I will definitely be paying the Makers Market another visit in the near future, and I would absolutely recommend it to friends and family.

Victoria Schurrer HasselbringCustomer

I went with a group of friends for a mom’s night out and we were not disappointed! The staff was so friendly and helpful, with lots of good tips and advice. Everything was very well organized, and the little shop up front was super adorable. Even if you think you’re not crafty, your sign will look professional, even if you’re a first timer! It was well worth the long drive from south Sarasota during rush hour traffic!

Jenny ShawCustomer

Only my second visit and these ladies already feel like FAMILY! I live 40m away and would rather make the drive than try the place that is right around the corner from my home! There are so many design choices it is almost too hard to choose! I am only slightly crafty, and these projects are simple enough for ANYONE to follow. I can't recommend trying this enough, it is the best stress relief!

Amy Mele SouthwickCustomer

Quality products that make you look like you are Joanna Gaines straight out of HGTV! The fact that you can pick a project that suits your tastes, your decor and get to make it with your own two hands is really satisfying. I feel like I could open my own Etsy store and actually make money with projects I made at Makers Market! Where else could you go to drink wine, spend time with great people that you actually like, use power tools and come home with a great gift for someone that they will not send to Goodwill the next day? Just so we are clear... these projects are something that you would want to display proudly in your own home. These are not the types of projects that you hang up in your living room and your husband gently suggests that "we" place "your creation" on the wall under the stairs...you know, the crawl space wall. This is some good 💩 you walk out with!

Angie JulaCustomer

My visit the the Makers Market was so much fun! While parts of the project were done for me (the cutting and assembling of the plank sign I picked, and the cutting and placing of the stencil) everything else was all me. I really enjoyed making sure that what I ended up with was exactly what I wanted and it was just that. I now have a wonderful addition to the gallery wall on display in my dinningroom

Sommer RussoCustomer

What a perfect venue for my daughter’s 12th birthday party. So much fun for the children and even more fun for the parents to think about future projects!!! We will be back again and again. Thank you a million times!

Susan TagleCustomer